The Kingston Hotel, Kingston

Type: Hotel, 154 Bedroom

Size: 6,600 sqm (66,000 sqft) approx.

Value: £40m approx.

Client: NHP/United House


KDS were appointed by United House for the detailed design completion of a hotel and residential development overlooking The Thames in Kingston. 

The scheme involved the complex encapsulation of a live National Grid sub-station serving S.W London which was then surrounded and built over with hotel and residential accommodation. 

The encapsulation comprised of precast concrete over clad with 10mm welded steel plates. The design and construction were complicated by the need for a high degree of construction tolerance, unsurveyed National Grid ground cables and restriction on services not being able to penetrate the sub-station below. 

The 7 storey hotel was fitted out as a 154 bedroom Hilton Doubletree, with restaurants and full conference facilities.